A New Era

Sooooooo, I bought something today. It was a bit impulsive, but it was totally on sale and for a much cheaper price than I have seen it at all. Can you guess? Yep, I bought a DSLR today!!!!!!!!! Bahhhhhhhh!!!!

So effing excited for this. Seriously. I definitely need to figure out how to work it properly because I am not good at all but I am definitely noticing the difference in pictures. I won’t put up comparison pictures in this post but this is one of me testing my new camera out on Charlie:


I think it really captures his quirky judgmental personality!

Tonight we went out for Indian food at one of my favourite Indian restaurants ever, Karma. I got to test out my new camera on food!


We started with some veggie pakoras. I could have done with a bit more spice in these, and they were a bit more doughy than usual, but I was more excited for the poppadoms anyway!


Various chutneys—tamarind, mint and chilli.


Mango Lassi and Tiger beer. My first mango lassi was delicious—thick, creamy and full of flavour. However the second one I ordered was waaay watered down. Luckily the waitress was super nice about it and took it off our bill.

We ordered various curries: Traditional Butter Chicken ( a little spicier), Kofta Korma, Chicken Jalfreezi and Beef Balti. They were all soooo tasty! Though I think the traditional butter chicken and the beef balti were a bit too spicy for me!

Garlic Naan bread on the side–the best part in my opinion!

Such a good Saturday night dinner–especially on such a rainy, dreary summer night.

And it was the perfect place to try out my new camera!

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